Wanting to Adopt?

No matter what road you’ve traveled to get here, we are excited that you’re considering adoption as a way of building your family!

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Before you begin the adoption process with us, there are many important questions to consider to decide if adoption is right for you. Whether you have experienced infertility or have chosen adoption from the start of your efforts to build your family, here are some issues you need to explore:

  • Have I faced any infertility or single parenting issues?
  • Can I unconditionally love a child I am not biologically related to?
  • What about openness in adoption? How important is my privacy?
  • How can I educate myself more about adoption?
  • What kind of support will I have from family and friends?

At Adoption Connection, our knowledgeable and experienced adoption professionals have individually been providing domestic adoption services in Iowa for over 30 years. We are here to help you every step of your adoption journey, from pondering these questions to your final adoption hearing!

We know that each adoption situation is as unique as the people involved. While it often feels to adoptive parents that only the wishes of the birth parents matter, your needs are just as important to any successful adoption.  We strive to help you develop an adoption plan that meets your individual needs, not ours. There is no ‘cookie cutter- one size fits all’ approach to adoption.

At Adoption Connection, we firmly believe in “child–centered” adoption, meaning that the child is the most important person involved and that all participants in the process are respectfully working together for the child’s best interests. Here is what “child-centeredness” in adoption looks like:

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The best interest of the child is  the center of every adoption, supported by birth and adoptive families alike!

If this sounds like the right approach to your adoption, let us help you make your Adoption Connection!

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