Unplanned pregnancy?

Pregnancy can bring emotional and physical changes that are overwhelming, especially when it is not planned. You have likely felt confused, angry and alone! Maybe you are unsure where to turn for answers?

At Adoption Connection, we  know you want what is best for you and your child! We offer a confidential and non-judgmental place to explore all your options and make the best plan for you both.  We take the time to listen to your needs first as you move forward.  All the decisions are yours! There is no cost or obligation for our services to expectant parents.  Get the answers you need at Adoption Connection today!

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Wanting to adopt?

If you are like most prospective parents first thinking about adoption, you probably have many questions… and perhaps fears. You might worry that adoption is risky, that the birth parents might want their child back after the adoption, or that you might wait and wait and never get a child.

At Adoption Connection, we have answers to your questions and can help you calm those fears with accurate information from our experienced and caring staff.  Our services are highly individualized- we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to adoption.  We listen to your needs and help you find the adoption plan that fits you best!  Learn more about adopting


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Choosing the right adoption agency…

At Adoption Connection, we understand that this is a very personal experience for every person who contacts us. Each adoption is as unique as the individuals involved! We are committed to helping families “connect” through our “child-centered adoption” philosophy.

Our caring and experienced adoption professionals will help guide you through the entire adoption process!  We promise to provide you with:

  • accurate information about your options;
  • thoughtful help with your planning; and
  • great respect for what is important to you throughout.

We are mindful that you come to us with fears, worries, hopes and dreams, and many questions! We are honored by your trust in helping you with this important event in your life!


For more information, contact us today!

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