Where to Begin

Information on adoption out there is overwhelming so, we recommend that you start with the basics:

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Step 1:  Explore your options: what kind of adoption makes sense for you?

You have many options for adopting: “domestic,” “independent,” “international,” “special needs,” to name a few.  There are advantages and disadvantages to each. Talk with others who have adopted and learn about their experiences.  As you do so, the option right for you will become clear.

At Adoption Connection, we are experts in domestic adoption. Each of our professional staff have individually worked in this field for over 30 years!  While we primarily work with infant adoption, we are also very experienced with toddler, older child and special needs placements.  If you are open to adopting a child other than a newborn, be sure to let us know!

US-law book with gavelStep 2: Understand the law

Understanding the legal process for termination of the birthparents rights and adoption in your state is important.  Every state has different processes and requirements. So if your placement crosses state lines,you also will need to understand of the laws of the other state as well.  With Adoption Connection as your agency, we will arrange for knowledgeable professionals in the other state to cover all the details with an interstate placement.

young couple 12Step 3:  Find the right professionals to assist you

Not all adoption providers are the same!! Some are not even licensed or supervised by the proper authorities in their states- they merely “facilitate” adoptions, advertising and making connections for a large fee, without providing other needed services for both birth and adoptive families.

Adoption Connection is a fully licensed adoption agency in Iowa.  We are very “hands-on”- not just directing traffic over the phone.  Our staff is experienced, compassionate, and ready to answer your questions, calm your fears and help find the right adoption for you!  We pride ourselves in our life-long personal connections with all our families! We will be there for you throughout the waiting, the placement and long after your adoption is final!

We firmly believe in our “child-centered” approach to adoption and are looking for families who approach adoption with the same respect, integrity, honesty and compassion that we put into every placement.  We know that is the key to any successful adoption!

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Step 4: Identify your boundaries

Sometimes as a prospective adoptive parent, it seems you don’t have many choices in this process because you so want to be a parent.  Your destiny is totally in someone else’s hands.

At Adoption Connection, your choices as an adoptive family are very important to us! We make no judgments about what kind of adoption is best for you- there is no room for a ‘one-size fits all’ approach in adoption.  We truly respect that each adoption is as unique and special as the people involved and we are dedicated to helping find the right adoption for you!

young couple 9Step 5:  Prepare for the worst and expect the best

In a best case scenario, parenthood would happen in the blink of an eye!  But most adoptions don’t happen that quickly and the waiting is hard, with many potential ‘bumps’ along the road.  You will wonder every day if any new expectant parents have viewed your profile and why you haven’t been “picked” yet.  Maybe you’ve were chosen by an expectant parent, were at the delivery and without warning the next day, the adoption fell apart.  All of these things and more can happen!

So how do you “prepare for the worst?”  Adoption is an emotional rollercoaster with lots of risks and no guarantees!  Knowing this in advance, understanding the dynamics, the people and processes involved, learning to grieve your losses, having ongoing respect for everyone in the process, and developing a “thick skin” are all helpful survival tips.  At Adoption Connection, we are here for you at the hard times as well as the happy endings!

Step 6: Always proceed with honesty, integrity and gratitude on this journey. 

Sometimes it is hard to realize that your adoption is not really about you and your desire to be a parent.  It is all about the child!  couple with kidsWe know you will be awesome parents and that is what your child deserves.  We also know that adoption makes us “different” from other families.  There will always be another set of parents to whom your child is biologically connected and who forever deserve your gratitude and respect. This honors everyone, but especially your child!

This is the very heart of child-centered adoption at Adoption Connection!  We look forward to helping you make your adoption connection today!



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