Adoptive Family Services


Family Adoptive Family Services


At Adoption Connection, we offer:

  • Pre-placement home studies and post-placement supervision
  • Pre-adoption counselingyoung couple 5
  • Adoption preparation training
  • Profile coaching
  • Matching assistance
  • Coordination with interstate service providersyoung couple 16
  • Processing ICPC approval for interstate placements
  • Networking and promotional support
  • Waiting Family listing service
  • Post-adoption counseling and support
  • An intermediary resource for post-adoption contact
  • An adoption resource library
  • An adoptive family network

All our services are provided in our traditional adoption package.   Most services are available a la carte in our individualized adoption package, which can be helpful to those already working with out of state adoption agencies, international or independent adoptions.

Adoption is not an easy road, but it can certainly be one of the most rewarding! We strive to make every adoption the best experience for all parties involved.  No two adoptions are alike.  Some are traditional, confidential placements.  Others are completely “open,” and many are somewhere in-between. If you are ready to make your dreams of parenthood a reality, we can help you find the situation that is right for you!

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