Your Options

Every year, hundreds of women, young and older, face unplanned pregnancies.  They all ask themselves “Why me?  Why now? What about my future?  What am I going to do?” just like you are now.  Being pregnant doesn’t necessarily mean you are ready to be a parent!

depressed teen on sidewalkYour options may be clear- or not.  You may be able to terminate the pregnancy.  You certainly can choose to parent this child, with or without help from the baby’s father or anyone else.  Or, you could make an adoption plan that meets your needs and those of your baby.

Maybe you have thought about adoption but don’t really know what is involved.  Maybe adoption seems like the easy way out or selfish, as others might say unkindly.  Maybe you think they will look down on you or think you don’t care about your baby if you choose adoption.   You may wish, “if only things were different!”  But you must make your decision based on what your life is like right now, not what you hope it will be like in 5 or 10 years!

At Adoption Connection, we know that choosing an adoption plan takes a lot of courage and love! We know that a woman who chooses adoption loves her baby very much and is making a very brave sacrifice for her child’s future. Other people may disagree with your decision- maybe even your parents or the baby’s father- and that can be hurtful! But only you can decide:

  • if you are willing to give the next 18+ years of your life to be totally responsible for this child;
  • if you are willing to place concern for his/her welfare above your own;
  • if you could raise a child and still meet your own school, career and social needs;
  • if you could do this without having to depend on your family to take over for you;
  • if right now, you are able to provide for all of your child’s financial, emotional and physical needs; and lastly, …realistically,
  • if you feel ready to be a parent by yourself?

If you answered “no” to any of the above, you should seriously consider adoption as a a very loving choice for your child!   Putting you baby’s future first is one of the most loving things you can do – and also one of the hardest.  It hurts to think that you may not feel ready or able to provide a stable, secure home for your baby.  But sometimes, an adoptive family can better provide the stability and security you want for your baby.  You need to be totally honest about your circumstances right now as you consider what to do.

At Adoption Connection, we know you need accurate information about all of your options right now.  If you want to talk to an experienced adoption counselor, contact us today!  We can help you sort out all your options in a confidential and non-judgmental way.

If you chose adoption, we can help you make an adoption plan for you and your child that meets both your needs.  All of the choices are yours:  you can pick the family for your child, you can decide if you want information about your child after the adoption, you can decide who will be at the hospital with you, and more. If adoption is not right for you, we can refer you to other services you may need.

There is never any cost or obligation for any of our services to you.

 We care, we listen, and we can help!

For more information, contact us today!

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