Let us introduce you to our waiting families at Adoption Connection…

All prospective adoptive families shown on this page have completed all our requirements to be approved for adoption and are ready for placement and parenthood!  If you are an expectant or birth parent interested in learning more about any of these families, click on their full profiles below.  If you would like more information about making an adoption plan with any of our families, please contact us today!

Adam and Angela

Hello!  Thank you so much for reading our profile and considering us as parents.  We hope that that you will get to know our family and our hearts through it.  We have been happily married for over 5 years and our marriage is based on love, respect, friendship, and laughter.  Infertility has brought us closer together as a couple and we feel our path has led us to adoption.

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Tyler and Jill

We knew before we were married that we would be unable to conceive but we both also knew we wanted a child or children to complete our family.  We have had SO many conversations that start out “when we have a child, I can’t wait to…”!  So now we hope to make our dreams of a family a reality, with your help!

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Whitney and Kevin

Before introducing ourselves a little more, we want to first say, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! and THANK YOU!  First, thank you for making the decision to have your baby.  Second, thank you for your loving and unselfish decision in choosing adoption.  And lastly, thank you for considering us to become the parents and forever family for your special child!

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Sarah and David

Thank you for taking the time to get to know our family and to consider us as parents for your little girl! We have two wonderful boys, Bradyn and Carson, who are eager to have a little sister.  When Carson was born, Sarah suffered many complications and we are so thankful she is here to watch her family grow, but she is unable to have any more children.  We are yearning for the chance to have a daughter, who would be welcomed into our family with a lot of open arms.  We know that your decision is not an easy one and want you to know that raising a daughter would mean the world to us!

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Dan and Vicki

We are very blessed in our lives with family, friends, fulfilling careers, and love, but, so far, have been unlucky in the “starting a family” department.  We have always considered adoption, it’s a part of our family’s story, and realized after years of infertility treatments that this is the path for us.

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Tom and Stacy

Hello- our names are Tom and Stacy!  We have been happily married for 21 years and have two children through the miracle of adoption, Kaitlyn and Jonathan.  While they keep us busy, we feel called to add another child to our loving family.  Although we cannot truly feel what you are experiencing right now, we are hoping and praying that as you learn about us, you will feel our heartfelt support and sincere gratefulness that you are choosing adoption.  We hope also that as you explore our story, you will find lasting comfort with us as the new family for your child!

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