Understanding Adoption

Domestic adoptions today are quite different from the past, and each adoption is different from the next.   Besides what the law requires,  there is no right or wrong way to make an adoption plan.  As an expectant parent, birthparent or adoptive family, you may choose a closed or open adoption  or something in between.


To help you understand these different types of adoption plans…

  • A closed adoption is where neither expectant or birth parents nor adoptive parents know each other, generally do not meet at any point, and there is usually no identifying information shared before or after the adoption.
  • In an open adoption, the expectant or birth parents and adoptive parents usually meet and share their complete identities both before and after the adoption. There may be ongoing visits between them after the adoption is completed.
  • Semi-open adoptions usually involve expectant parents and adoptive parents meeting beforehand on a first name only basis and some type of ongoing information sharing after the adoption through the agency. Information sharing is generally ‘non-identifying’ so that those who still wish to have confidentiality, can. Most adoptions fall into this category.

At Adoption Connection, we can help you consider what type of adoption is right for you and your situation.  Every adoption is as unique as those involved so whether you are an expectant or birth parent considering adoption or a prospective adoptive parent, we will help you create the adoption plan that best fits your needs!


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